What’s in front of me

My good friends over at Red Ravine asked their fellow writers and readers to take a topic they’ve provided and run with it. It’s supposed to be a poem. I fall under the category of RNW…that’s short for “reader, not writer”. I was sitting here and thought…what the hey!… give it a whirl…

The string of words they chose for all the victims: “WHAT”S IN FRONT OF ME”. ok, got it. Now comes the extra words I’m supposed to supply….big breath…go!

My skin is warn and beaten

Sometimes a strap across my back

One good eye to view the world

and I don’t always like what I see

I’ve traveled to all four corners

viewing the poor in the same light

as the very rich and powerful

Some people fear me… and hide

While others taunt me with beauty

I’ve witnessed sorrow, pain and fear

And yet love, faith and redemption

I hold these memories inside my shell

I am called camera and I capture

What’s in front of me


4 Responses to “What’s in front of me”

  1. Heather, bravo! I love it. Sometimes a strap across my back — that line really made me wonder. It really comes full circle at the end. Perfect.

  2. All that I can say is ” WOW!” Love it..

  3. Thought provoking – particularly the “taunting with beauty”

  4. Love to dwell on your writings. There is alot in there.

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