Leaving Lines


12 Responses to “Leaving Lines”

  1. Crazy lines. Beautiful.

  2. Those are very beautiful. In my opinion, H, your pictures, mind, and Soul, are progressing along in a very good way. As a fellow human, I am so glad you’re in the world. (you know how sappy I am, sorry)

  3. I hope to shout Cindy!

  4. Very graceful. Soothing to me. Vince & I just got done watching a movie & now he’s back to playing the PS3 online. I picked up a good router tonight but haven’t hooked it up yet. Vince complains about a “lag” with a wireless connection. But I picked up a good cisco made linksys router so I think it will me ok. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my I phone but I’d rather be able to get online at home with the laptop.

    That said, I love ‘Natures Pac-Men’ too but I’m just gonna mention it here rather than try to fill in all my info again and comment on that post with my phone.

    Shane & I had fun last night. He’s the baby, at 10 years old, so I spoil him with his favorite treats 🙂

  5. Glad to hear you’re doing better Tammy. What did you guys watch?

    I need to upgrade to the iphone as well. Just put bluetooth in my car and my phone is too old to work. I should have got one long ago but hate the thought of switching carriers. BTW girl, What size men’s T-shirt to you wear. I’m sending ya something too.

    The H

  6. We watched Old School with Luke Wilson & Will Farrell. This phone is better than I even imagined. You can download apps from apple apps store. Lots of them are free. I have some educational games & utilities so far mostly. I found a web site where I can upload my mp3s and crop them to make ringtones. Most importantly it converts them to the m4r apple ringtone file format. I had a bunch of ringtones that I made using Motorola’s Phone Tools software so I was happy to be able to convert them 🙂

    My new router is wonderful! It loads web pages on my phone superfast. No more booting up the computer to check one little thing. Also, I can have the kids connect with their PS3 wirelessly.

    I wear XL t-shirts, even if it is men’s sizing. It seems like most of my t-shirts are unisex, which really just means men’s shirts.

    Buddy is losing his baby teeth. I’ve found 4 on the floor so far. He’s getting so big so fast!

  7. well, ya sold me on the iphone even though it means AT&T…this is Verizon country around here 😉

  8. I heard that.

  9. I’ve seen ads for samsung phone that looks likes the iPhone. I’m pretty sure it’s on Verizon. It’s worth googling for customer reviews and then checking out at the Verizon store.

  10. Actually I’m a printer by day, before I put my gallery cape on… We print all the verizon literature so I’m up on all the Chocolate and pink phones prior to release. But, the iphone works well with portfolios and also blends really nice with the website i will be using wth Foliolink, if I ever get it done:) Thank you for the info. I need to break free 😉

  11. That’s cool. I love this phone. It’s not first generation so they have worked out the bugs. I just didn’t want you to sacrifice signal strength. It ATT has good bars they are just as good (or is it as bad) as anyone else.

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