Guess what’s a-comin… ;)

6 Responses to “Guess what’s a-comin… ;)”

  1. WOW!!!!

  2. I was just going to email you. Joseph asked “What is Auntie Heather doing for Halloween this year?”

  3. I thought about you yesterday, really and truly, when I went and bought a bright pink wig for my daughter’s costume. “Wonder what Heather’s going to do this year,” I said to myself.

  4. Hmmm…Day of the Dead???

  5. Very kind of you to think of me yb…and you got it right…I’m holding the big “H” at the gallery this year and building a Day of the Dead set in the center. Yikes! A whole month of Halloween!!! The Artists are all painting wonderful things to go on the walls. None have ever tried a Halloween painting for public viewing so they are quite excited (but no more than me to see them). I handed each a canvas or 2 and told them to go forth and create anything they wanted…as long as it wasn’t cute (not a fan of cute). The first to come in was a scary clown with bright green hair and it’s WONDERFULLY FRIGHTENING. The kids will love it!!!
    If you want to participate yb, you can make something and upload to flicker and I can show it on my flat screen for all to see (digitally in cyberspace). QM can too. She has that wonderful shot of the mask lit up by the fire. That would really scare them. Moohoohaw. Heck, someone may want to buy it from one of you! Ya never know!

    Pink hair…very cool. I had pink bangs once…about 400 years ago. What’s she going to be this year? Do you or Jim make the rest of her costume? Or better yet…does she?

  6. You know Heather, when you said you’re not a fan of “cute” it made me remember something. A very early memory. It was when I heard music. I could not stand any of the white keys on the piano. Only the black ones. Couldn’t say why. The sweet sounding notes were kind of sickening to me. Hope i don’t sound weird. But it’s true, and anyway, Halloween is coming..

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