Dead or Alive, You’re Invited

11 Responses to “Dead or Alive, You’re Invited”

  1. Well, your mother just asked me when your dead are you still alive? I said yes.

  2. an excellent answer (unless you’re an Atheist 😉

  3. Wicked announcement! I love it!

    I have had a crazy week. I have made my mind up. I am going to move. It was a very difficult decision because I will have to leave my family. But I’m not happy with my job and as long as I stay here where there aren’t any opportunities I won’t be moving forward in my life. It won’t be easy but I know that it is the the only thing to do.

    I’m ready for some better weather anyway!

  4. Good for you! Where you moving to MY?

  5. I am going to move to Louisiana. I am pretty excited!

  6. That’s totally cool. Girl, you better get that camera out, put that fur child on a leash and start snappin.
    You should get some good stuff in a new place with fresh eyeballs!

  7. Great announcement, Heather! Looks like it’s going to be a super time at the gallery next month.

  8. yb, I’ve had fun setting this one up and can’t wait for the kids to come to art class Tuesday so I can watch their expressions. There’s a graveyard in the center of the room with a bride in a beautiful Mexican wedding dress. I will take some photos soon but I’m still tweaking the set. I’m very picky 😉

  9. H, YOU picky? I would never have guessed. 😉

  10. I hope so! Buddy will have a new friend as soon as we get there. A Shih Tzu named Charlie.

  11. Hey Cutie

    Will you please email this to me agian so I can pass it to my list? Lost it when I was hacked into. Love you, Jamie

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