Featured Halloween Art

“Evil Spirit”  Jamie Lee Sugarman

“Jack-o-lantern” Kara Lawson

“Prints from the past” Laura Arellano

“Spirit” MaryBeth Leonard

“Scary Clown” Jamie Lee Sugarman

“Nightmare Buddha Yumiko Yanone

“Boo” A Halloween Surprise”  Laura Arellano


5 Responses to “Featured Halloween Art”

  1. The combo of all the paintings together looks great! can’t wait to see how you’ve transformed the gallery.

  2. Wow, those are great! See you very soon, XXOO C

  3. These are awesome. Are these all from artists who show in anuvue?

  4. They are! The scary clown and the evil sprit were done by the kid’s art class teacher, Jamie (my dear friend). The kids loved them. I bought some canvas and asked anyone that was interested to take one and give it a try. They did wonderfully. I was so surprised when I saw the different colored backgrounds. None the same! They look great on the wall together and I I think they had fun.

  5. the spirit is scary, the clown makes my skin crawl, and my favorite by far was Boo.

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