Woman in Veil

I figure I’ll string out the shots this year and give you one a night. I’ve been out for a few days, practising my Vampire skills (I had a treatment for minor skin cancer that requires me to stay out of the sun) while two very kind friends held down the fort. Susan and Jim, I can’t thank you both enough for watching the gallery! Jim (while guest sitting in) took some stellar shots of the current “visitors” hanging out. All the shots I will show are his and all the developing (in case he saw them finished differently in his mind) will be in my hands. This young lady stands at the slider door, looking on… as she mourns the loss a beloved one, while the deceased beloved one’s bride holds his head in her lap. That shot later. Don’t ya just love a good spin on a story…even if the caricatures involved aren’t breathing 😉

Woman in veil (with a shout out for Kweli’s lovely earrings)


8 Responses to “Woman in Veil”

  1. Great shot! I love Halloween!

    Looking forward to the rest of the shots.

    Hope you are doing okay, skin cancer is scary. Being fair skinned, I have to be careful in the sun as well.

  2. I am Tam. Thank you! They used Photodynamic Therapy. Pretty wild stuff. I’m a Halloween nut as well. Search my October 07 and Nov. last year. November shows my Halloween made the TV! Happy Haunting!

  3. Where are you getting all the skeletons?? (Or, are they from your vast Halloween Haunted House collection? Forgot about that.)

    This one is my favorite shot. The veil and the rust colored dress all make her seem very surreal. They’re looking fabuloso!!

  4. Ooo, and I see a face in one of the roses.

  5. I saw it too yb! Pretty cool huh! Wish I’d taken it! Damn you Jim! 😉

    The skeletons are ex-family members….Ha!
    actually, they are like family I’ve had them for years! They even wear my clothes some years…

  6. Didn’t you use the ones we dug up from the back yard?

  7. She is a beauty in her gown, wait till you see her in full dress, beautiful! (for bones)

  8. Yea, it looks like Marlin Brando

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