Smiling Faces

Photography by Photo444


5 Responses to “Smiling Faces”

  1. Those faces are fabulous! I love them.

  2. These ARE fabulous. Where’dya get ’em?

  3. I love them too Tam. I desaturated the color for the photo effect but they are brilliant and and the pink one sparkles.

    yb, there’s a large Latino Community in Orange County (Santa Ana) where I was born and raised and I love to frequent the art community. They have some fabulous galleries and a favorite of mine is where these are from. The buyers get these from a small village in Mexico that naturally I can’t remember when I need to. They are about 9 inches in height, made of heavy cement type material and hold tall candles at the top. I bought 2 of each from the owner to sell in the gallery. I will hate to part with them but when the right person comes along, who appreciates their beauty, I will let them go…oh and 35 bucks 😉

  4. Oh so very, very cool.

    I want them. Los Dios de los Muertos- wooie!

  5. they are totally cool amuirin! thanks for stopping by!
    i have an odd hobby called Halloween 😉

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