Crazy busy

Sorry folks, haven’t been able to get a note to you. We had 22 Boy Scouts come in to earn their art merit badges (and heck they were 6 foot plus kids!). They did their own faces in clay and it was great to be a part of. “Mrs Sugarman” (I’ve known her since we were 12) did a fabulous job keeping control in that tiny room! I have photos to prove it!

One of the members of the hearse club contacted me and is coming. He has a really old car that backfires and should be quite fantastic. I have some unusual friends this time of year…and all are welcome!

I met the band playing on Halloween night and have told everyone that the hours are 6 to when I’m arrested. We are set to have music, candy, toys, caricatures and photos of the kids in their costumes. I believe both Jamie and Jim will need flash cards to work with the kids over the noise of the band. Are children still using flashcards or is it all digital now? I have warned all my friends in the building and they all think I’m crazy, but still love me. “I’m fun”  Anyway, got to go again! Photos soon!

3 Responses to “Crazy busy”

  1. What is a Scount and what are Merkit badges?

  2. New terminology used for bloggers that haven’t had sleep and are in too big a hurry for spell check. Thank you Steve! 😉

  3. Steve is funny.

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