Halloween Portraits :)

Jim from photo444 took these great shots at the Anuvue Halloween event. You can check them all out at:



click on “Anuvue Halloween”

enter the password that’s on your photo card

For Friends and Family that do not have the password,

you may contact http://www.anuvuestudio@gmail.com and we will forward it on.


7 Responses to “Halloween Portraits :)”

  1. Hey cutie,

    I can’t find the folder. I tried different searches and can’t get in. Hummmmmm….do you have an other ideas for those of us that almost don’t know what “file” means?

  2. click on this link Jame…it will take ya straight there 😉

  3. Love the beautiful blue haired girl, auntie c.

  4. I checked out the pictures, they are great! Jim did a fantastic job. It looks (and sounds) like you guys had a great time. 🙂

    Congrats on a fantastic Halloween event.

  5. Tam,
    Jim did indeed do a fantastic job and we all had a great time!
    😉 H

  6. These are the coolest, although I don’t think you’re there, right?

  7. No, but “blue State” is my Niece Nicole. If you go to the site, I’m the one with the long black hair and lace veil.

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