Anuvue welcomes

Anuvue wishes to welcome and slap on the back (not hard…yet) our newest member to the ever enlarging family of Artists. Jonathan Fletcher comes highly recommended by my former, wonderful photography teacher (well, one of them) and he has agreed to teach our Photography Workshop for personal enrichment…yes, even though he’s met me!  

He’s been a teacher at Orange Coast College (a school with a fabulous photography program) for many years and we are so lucky to be able to steal him for a few hours a week. He wrote me to say he was working on an outline…sounds just like a teacher to me 😉

Jonathan brought in a portion of his portfolio so I could see his work the other night and he actually makes his own pin-hole cameras. The result is a one-of-a-kind style that you will really enjoy seeing when I can wrestle some images from him to share. In the meantime…Meet Jonathan!



6 Responses to “Anuvue welcomes”

  1. He’s cool! Great big smile!

  2. He looks nice, and funny.

  3. I took a photoshop class (not sure if that’s what he’ll teach) and man, I need a refresher course. Lose it if you don’t use it.

    Ah, pinhole cameras…QM would LOVE that!

  4. I did the same. I use photoshop almost daily, but definitely need to relearn it properly. Things change so fast with all the constant upgrades. Drives me freakin nuts!

    His pinhole prints are unbelievable!

  5. So cool about the pinhole camera photographs. I love old photo techniques. Does he do cyanotypes as well? I used to love doing those. Welcome Jonathan!

  6. I’ll ask him QM. I don’t know. I imagine he does everything. His printing quality and the tones are just beautiful. His composition is so great with the distortion. A perfect hand in hand match.

    I wish you were close enough to join in. I may ask if he wants to teach a pinhole workshop.

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