We got stuff!


We are working with artists from across the US and man…are they good.

If you need stuff, we got stuff. This is just a small selection. Come on in and check it out!



4 Responses to “We got stuff!”

  1. I see some new and fun things there (not to mention beautiful) I always buy the ducks, there fun and cute.

  2. Neato stuff! What a good idea puttin’ it all on your blog. I could get some of your artists’ beautiful creations, and not even have to be there! These modern times. I guess they’re pretty good! XXOO

  3. Oh man, these are great! I love the punched tin—with a candle inside, wonderful! And the skeleton bag and is it a ring or brooch? I wish you had an online catalog with prices and shipping. Perhaps next project??

  4. yb, if i ever get my darn website done, it will show everything available. I try to keep things cheap cause i want people to be able to afford stuff and everything is so special.

    The punched tins are totally cool. There’s one with a celtic cross that lights up the ceiling and walls! I think they range from 25 – 45

    The tote bags are made by a lady out of the military, trying to earn money doing her own thing. I think 16 – 18

    The tin with the surfer is a brooch. The artist makes necklaces too..all Day of the Dead. She put her kid through college making those things. They are hand signed mini art. 35

    Those glass stars with the copper wire.. that artist (West Virginia) can’t make them fast enough. They are fabulous at 10 bucks for a cheap but beautiful gift and everybody jumped on them.

    I’m happy for all the artsts!

    Just sold 12 of the coy fish novenas at the top and 18 of her votives. She’ll be excited because she just came up with these. She’s actually a painter!

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