Through an open door



6 Responses to “Through an open door”

  1. Beautiful. The lighting is fabulous. And it looks like there’s a ghost inside. See that?

    BTW, what does the “Entering New Territory” tag signify?

  2. I do see the ghost…and you can truly feel them in this old town. This is Bodie, the famous Western town that looks like they just got up and vanished with everything left as it was.. I wanted to return and see what it looked like without all the snow.

    If you haven’t seen it yb, it’s pretty cool. It the most photographed old western town still intact. I got to see Virginia City too. Very cool and Mark Twain sprouted his writing roots there. I liked it much better that Tombstone because, even though it’s a tourist place, they didn’t rebuild it. When I saw “boot hill’…or what’s left of it, I wanted to cry.

    Entering new territory for me means 2 things. 1. myself seeing something new in my travels and 2. with the passing of time, this old town survives another century and another generation of history lovers.

  3. Cool that it has meaning for both you and the town.

    Oh, and I know you just got back from the Pacific NW and other parts, but what state is Bodie in? Was that part of your most recent trip?

  4. YB, Bodie is just above Mammoth Mountain, a well known area in Northern California for skiers. Maybe another 45 minutes up the road. I took my niece there about a year and a half back and we were the only ones who got in. I drove my 4 wheel jeep (Mangie Wrangie) because the roads were actually closed.What they don’t tell you (after they tell you your on you own if you get stuck) is that the Ranger up there snow plows the road to Bodie about 3 miles from the entrance. The place is well worth the trip if you ever want to see what the old west really looked like. My husband hadn’t seen it so we made the trip on our way to Oregon.

  5. is the red dog saloon still in virginia city?
    it was the epic…centre/center of a huge music/uprising time…

  6. Hi David,
    To be honest, I’m not sure. I looked it up to read about the bands that played there, which by the way, was very cool to know. Thanks for the tip. I studied the photo of the building and I know it’s still there but i don’t know if the building has the same name. There are so many shops that I can’t be sure because I didn’t go inside one with that name.. I remember the Bloody Saloon because of the suicide table and the Bonanza Saloon…and a couple of others. I saw that Mark Twain was first published there (in what is now an antique store). My guess is, the name is still on the building, but it could be a pizza shop or ice cream store inside now. You get a neat feeling inside just walking the streets.

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