Coastal Access


4 Responses to “Coastal Access”

  1. beautiful shot.

    a co-worker recently vacationed along the pacific coast. He brought back some beautiful pictures. I long to go back home to CA.

  2. It’s something I just learned on this trip Tam…California has it all. I went to the Oregon Coast to see it’s beauty and found that my own Coast had equal beauty…and the desert and the mountains in addition… within a few hours.

    It’s what draws people here and keeps them wanting to return and ultimately stay. But the rising costs and the amount of traffic and congestion are what is also making those born, raised and who have always lived here…check out the rest of the world to see what it offers.

    What part of California do you hail from?

  3. I agree, CA has it all! I love Oregon too. Brad and I plan to move back out west in about 3 years, either Northern CA or Oregon (he’s really wanting to move to Eugene).

    Long Beach, CA. 😀

    I also have family in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

  4. My family is spread out from Long Beach, Orange County, Riverside County, Northern Ca and Close to Seattle, WA.

    I just went through Eugene last week 😉 Start saving girl!

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