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Photography Workshop

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Anuvue Studio announces Photo Workshop taught by Professional Photographer and accredited Teacher – Jonathan Fletcher: Now taking names…

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by the “Digital Revolution”? Do you have a brand new digital camera that can do everything, but spends its life in the automatic mode? Would you like to understand what all the settings on your camera mean so you can unlock its creative power and your artistic potential?

If this describes your skills with the digital camera, you are far from alone, and this workshop may be just the thing for you. Over the course of 4 weeks, we will tackle such camera issues as:

• Shooting Modes – what do they mean and when should I use them?
• Exposure Compensation – what is this and shouldn’t I just let the camera worry
about it?
• What does the light meter really do?
• What is an aperture, how do I control it, and why should I care?
• What is white balance? Is that why my pictures look blue?

By the time we answer these questions and more, your pictures will look better, and you may never set your camera on Automatic again. We will also tackle all those nagging digital issues that everyone assumes you should already know but no one ever showed you.

• How do I download pictures to my computer?
• What is the difference between a jpg and a tiff?
• What resolution do I need if I email pictures, make 4×6 prints, or make 8×10 prints?
• Why do the pictures I print myself look so different from the computer screen and
the ones I have made at Costco?
• What type of corrections do I need to make after I take the picture and do I really
need to buy Photoshop?

These questions are merely starting points for us to answer your questions about your cameras and photography in general. This workshop assumes that you have a decent digital camera but that you really don’t know much beyond how to turn it on and take a picture in the fully automatic mode. (Commonly known as PHD mode for Push Here Dummy!)

Although digital SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses give the most flexibility and produce the best images, there are many compact digital cameras that allow substantial manual manipulation and also produce very adequate images for most purposes.

The full workshop will be held over 4 consecutive Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:30 beginning on Feb 12. Space will be limited to a maximum of 8 students. The cost is $120 for all 4 evenings.

As an added bonus to help us get off the ground, there will be a “meet-and-greet” on Feb. 5th for all interested participants.

Please call Heather at Anuvue Studio to register (714) 465-9400 (Or feel free to leave your name and number on the machine). You can also contact the gallery by email at

Number Lore

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I have, for the last 5 days, been working on the sales tax for the gallery. Now for those of you that don’t know me, numbers and my brain don’t always coincide. You can ask all the folks at my bank. We’re on a first name basis. Imagine a meteor hitting a small planet at a rather accelerated speed. It’s not that I’ve sold a great deal and there’s a plethora of receipts (not sure what people see in that word). After all…It is art we’re talking here people. But the fact that I’m doing any type of accounting is about the equivalent of me making a pot roast with all the trimmings. It’s quite an unnatural thing.

I feel certain that my accountant ascertained something in me early on that made him come up with an “idiot proof” chart. I’m to fill in “only the little green squares”. I’m to “utilize the drop down menus” and use “only the categories created”. He’s made it “H proof”. It won’t let me type ANYWHERE I’m not supposed to. Ahh, what’s the fun in that? He asked me to send him a small portion of my handiwork to be certain I wasn’t “coloring outside the lines”…screwing up his perfectly executed spread sheet. It even gives me a big red “OK” when I’ve done a good job. Kinda the equivalent of one of those gold stars in elementary school. I sent off my first draft. Sadly…it was for the year 2009 ;(

I did all the requested revisions to round one. I’ve just completed my 4th quarter, sent it off and am eagerly awaiting my grade. It took 6 cups of thick, black, pumpkin spice coffee just to finish. I remember the day when he looked me straight in the eye and asked me if I knew not to keep writing checks if I didn’t have any money in the account. I’m still chuckling over that. I distinctly remember my Father asking my Mother that very same thing! I can say in all honesty, on that one point, I’m pretty clear. I still wish I’d said “That’s when I’m supposed to pull out my credit card, right?…What’s life without messing with the analyticals?

As far as my relationship with numbers goes, I’m not concerned. One of the bank tellers yesterday told me I had wonderful “fashion sense”. The next teller readily agreed and so did the head of business accounts (and he’s a man). So you see…no worries…I already have some form of “sense” down. 😉

A break in Winter

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The Enchanted Forest

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The Enchanted Forest
Ms. Cicley Fox Smith 1904

The gnarled boughs hand darkling down,
And biers sweep my knees;
The moon is low, like a gold lamp,
Behind the twisted trees.

O dark and still are the wet fern
And trees where no birds nest;
What heed have I for night or day
Who ride a livelong quest?

There is no cockcrow in the dark,
No bleat from a far fold,
When the Forest Folk begin to stir
Under the starlight cold.

Rend your wild hair, you elfin things,
That peep from bush and tree;
I know what strangling arms you reach
Athwart the dusk to me.

Twist your fierce lips, you false fair things,
I know what dance you tread
To what drear tune ‘neath the cold moon
O’ nights wi’ the sheeted dead.

Treescapes Opening Night

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We had a wonderful turn out for MaryBeth and her Treescapes show. I counted around 100 folks. She’s one popular gal! I developed as many photos as possible today before I realized I was actually asleep with my forehead flat on the keyboard! Truly… I haven’t seen that many attractive people in one room since my own family reunion! 😉 I am posting just a small portion of the 700 shots taken just to share with you some of the party.

Three of MaryBeth’s larger works inside the main gallery sold and I believe 3 smaller illustrations held in sleeves on easel. Fantastic supportive people. I’m so happy for her…and so very, very proud. And the crowd was a pleasure to meet.

Elleni did a beautiful job and played her heart out on that flute. Just beautiful… and her husband Mike was very good to make sure she had breaks and something to eat…and Jenny, oh Jenny! I’ve never seen so many people stuffing food in their mouths with a satisfied smile. The appetizer area was more popular than the beer and wine so I don’t have to say much more there! All in all, it was a terrific night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Fantastic!

A special thanks to Susan, Jamie and Leo for minding the store while I snuck around with my camera. I have never seen such a pro in handling people and their credit cards as our beautiful Susan. Never gets flustered and even sherlock’s peoples names for me (behind the scenes) when I can’t remember. How cool is that?.

But my greatest pleasure was watching our own little family of artists talking and laughing together. Kweli, Yumi, Laura, Jenny, Jamie and our newest teacher Jonathan…you guys are great to come out and support MaryBeth and it means the world to both her and myself. Without further adieu…the show Saturday night


Opening Night…

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Tonight is MaryBeth Leonard’s opening with 23 works in the main gallery (22 featured here minus one on easel) and 4 in the classroom. Joining her will be Elleni Maureas playing Classical and Jazz flute and bringing up the rear, best kinda “art” I know, food extroidinare…We are happy to welcome a brand new member, our food artist (Yeah!) Jenny Walker. Certainly hope to see all of you there. Well, maybe not ALL of you. I want to sample the food too! Good time guaranteed for all. See you at 7pm… And yes, shoes can be worn with or without socks, but please, no USC fight songs. 😉


A place in the sun

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Scenes from the Oregon Coast

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Elleni Maureas

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While getting ready for the next show, I kept searching for the musical entertainment to coincide perfectly with MaryBeth’s Treescapes. I was lucky enough to find Elleni Maureas (with help from her Mother) just back from New York and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Ms. Elleni Maureas is a living legacy of a family of musicians. Both of her parents are accomplished professional musicians in Southern California and she was raised in an environment of constant musical stimulation and support. She began her studies in music on the flute at age 9 and later went on to study privately.

Elleni graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree in Ethnomusicology. In addition to an extensive background in classical music, she has studied and played music from the Near East, Brazil, and the Balkans, as well as jazz. She is also a graduate of New York University, attaining her Master’s in Jazz Studies (performance).

On January 10th, Elleni will be performing solo classical and Brazilian Bossa Nova (the later I had to familiarize and listen up on).
Oh My…You lucky devils will all be pleased 😉

The New Year

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An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in.
A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

Bill Vaughn