Treescapes Opening Night

We had a wonderful turn out for MaryBeth and her Treescapes show. I counted around 100 folks. She’s one popular gal! I developed as many photos as possible today before I realized I was actually asleep with my forehead flat on the keyboard! Truly… I haven’t seen that many attractive people in one room since my own family reunion! 😉 I am posting just a small portion of the 700 shots taken just to share with you some of the party.

Three of MaryBeth’s larger works inside the main gallery sold and I believe 3 smaller illustrations held in sleeves on easel. Fantastic supportive people. I’m so happy for her…and so very, very proud. And the crowd was a pleasure to meet.

Elleni did a beautiful job and played her heart out on that flute. Just beautiful… and her husband Mike was very good to make sure she had breaks and something to eat…and Jenny, oh Jenny! I’ve never seen so many people stuffing food in their mouths with a satisfied smile. The appetizer area was more popular than the beer and wine so I don’t have to say much more there! All in all, it was a terrific night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Fantastic!

A special thanks to Susan, Jamie and Leo for minding the store while I snuck around with my camera. I have never seen such a pro in handling people and their credit cards as our beautiful Susan. Never gets flustered and even sherlock’s peoples names for me (behind the scenes) when I can’t remember. How cool is that?.

But my greatest pleasure was watching our own little family of artists talking and laughing together. Kweli, Yumi, Laura, Jenny, Jamie and our newest teacher Jonathan…you guys are great to come out and support MaryBeth and it means the world to both her and myself. Without further adieu…the show Saturday night


8 Responses to “Treescapes Opening Night”

  1. I say, these are alot of lovely girls and great looking Chaps! Great Food, Great Art, Great time. Lovely, just Lovely. Mary Beth is a wonderful Artist and she looked beautiful.

  2. Awesome, Heather. Some very hunky guys there. Your shows are going to become known as the place to meet men, eh?

    And I loved your copper-sheen jacket. Where did you get that? It’s gorgeous!!

  3. ahh yb…you aren’t kiddin! The LA crowd…Yes, there were some real “lookers” at this one! It’s hard not to gawk and that’s where the camera comes in 😉 Their were 4 women, very tall… all of them looked like supermodels! I’m proud to say the cute macho male with the dark curly locks with the tiny blond is my gorgeous nephew Ruben…the tiny blond, my niece Nicole (my frequent model). The woman at the top with the young boy with long hair is my sister Julie and her Grandson Max (named after my Father). Max is the son of Ruben and my oldest niece, Corina…and Corina is with the artist MaryBeth…the two girls with their heads together, the one on the right with her hair pulled back is Corina.

    That jacket is from an old vintage store in Long Beach. They sell cool old kimonos and stuff. It’s from the early 60’s and the picture doesn’t do it justice. The necklace I’m wearing is made from pearls of the same color. Kweli (the lady I’m choking in one photo) made it and dropped it off while I was in Oregon. When I walked in, after being away, I saw it…and promptly took it from the case! I’m not much on diamonds or gold…but pearls ohhhh..I cannot resist! I also had on a ring she made especially for “the Queen of Halloween”. It’s a skeleton that extends across the width of my hand and is worn on my middle finger. She put wire bracelets on each wrist, added sparkley eyes, a small beaded necklace and a white rose on it’s head. It’s my pride and joy! The looks I get from folks with more traditional tastes are outrageous! HA!

  4. Man Alive! H, that one of Nicole and Rubin is magnificent! I don’t care if I am related, that is a beautiful shot..

  5. Ah, Ruben is a doll. I like a man with longish hair. Your niece has good taste, as does your nephew. 8)

    Hey, what is the color of the yellow-green wall in some of the photos. It’s kind of a celery, but brighter than celery. I love it.

  6. Oh, and I wish I could see a better close up of the necklace. I tried to look at it in one photo where it’s pretty clear, but it’s still too small. You should photograph it alone, and then post the photo. Now I’m intrigued to see the detail.

  7. yb, That green wall gets more complements than Pamela Andersen’s breasts…well, almost 😉

    It’s really quite bright green. It’s made by a company I can’t remember, but it’s sold in Orchard hardware (OSH) and it’s based on a crayola color. The swatches come in shapes of crayolas. If you see that brand (it’s made for kid’s rooms) it the brightest green they make and completely washable.

    BTW…in the photo showing the necklace best, I’m telling Susan to try not to look so young and pretty 😉
    It’s the one where I look like more of a dork than usual 😉

  8. damm i should have gone to see this show, very nice website heather and so many great photos of the family great job.

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