Photography Workshop

Anuvue Studio announces Photo Workshop taught by Professional Photographer and accredited Teacher – Jonathan Fletcher: Now taking names…

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by the “Digital Revolution”? Do you have a brand new digital camera that can do everything, but spends its life in the automatic mode? Would you like to understand what all the settings on your camera mean so you can unlock its creative power and your artistic potential?

If this describes your skills with the digital camera, you are far from alone, and this workshop may be just the thing for you. Over the course of 4 weeks, we will tackle such camera issues as:

• Shooting Modes – what do they mean and when should I use them?
• Exposure Compensation – what is this and shouldn’t I just let the camera worry
about it?
• What does the light meter really do?
• What is an aperture, how do I control it, and why should I care?
• What is white balance? Is that why my pictures look blue?

By the time we answer these questions and more, your pictures will look better, and you may never set your camera on Automatic again. We will also tackle all those nagging digital issues that everyone assumes you should already know but no one ever showed you.

• How do I download pictures to my computer?
• What is the difference between a jpg and a tiff?
• What resolution do I need if I email pictures, make 4×6 prints, or make 8×10 prints?
• Why do the pictures I print myself look so different from the computer screen and
the ones I have made at Costco?
• What type of corrections do I need to make after I take the picture and do I really
need to buy Photoshop?

These questions are merely starting points for us to answer your questions about your cameras and photography in general. This workshop assumes that you have a decent digital camera but that you really don’t know much beyond how to turn it on and take a picture in the fully automatic mode. (Commonly known as PHD mode for Push Here Dummy!)

Although digital SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses give the most flexibility and produce the best images, there are many compact digital cameras that allow substantial manual manipulation and also produce very adequate images for most purposes.

The full workshop will be held over 4 consecutive Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:30 beginning on Feb 12. Space will be limited to a maximum of 8 students. The cost is $120 for all 4 evenings.

As an added bonus to help us get off the ground, there will be a “meet-and-greet” on Feb. 5th for all interested participants.

Please call Heather at Anuvue Studio to register (714) 465-9400 (Or feel free to leave your name and number on the machine). You can also contact the gallery by email at


4 Responses to “Photography Workshop”

  1. I wondered if the camera could be taught how to do all this and the person could be taught where to push the take a picture button, is that possible?

  2. Dang I wish this were taught in Albuquerque!! Boy, could I use some enlightenment.

    I can use my little camera pretty well, but I want to upgrade and frankly I’m pretty intimidated by all the capacity and performance. Ugh.

  3. yb, check out the stores that sell camera equipment only. Don’t know if they have Samys by you…But most camera stores will offer lessons like these. The local College classes take allot of devotion. The condensed workshops are better.
    I tell most folks to start with a Canon Rebel XS, XSi or XTi package. You cannot go wrong with Canon or their support.

  4. Good tip. I think QM had one of the Rebels. I just found out today that my camera lens is scratched. Well, there’s my excuse. What am I waiting for?

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