Carroll Thomas and 818

“818 will showcase a selection of work by 4 Los Angeles Artists, while in addition, paying a united tribute to Mr. Carroll Thomas. Mr. Thomas is the oldest living American Painter, still creating works of art, while personally operating and maintaining his own gallery located in Big Pine, California.

They have selected a photographic portrait, from my 2007 archives, giving the viewer a glimpse into the world of Mr. Thomas. It shows him holding one of his original watercolors that I purchased, inside his working studio, behind the gallery. These 4 Artists pay homage to this living legend, preceding his 99th Birthday. which will be celebrated April 29th of this year.

Carrol Thomas 2007 Photo by H. Krisher Lantow

Shiela Cavalluzzi 2009

Jamie Oliff 2009

Karen Blackwood 2009

Tak Ioka 2009


8 Responses to “Carroll Thomas and 818”

  1. What a great tribute. I love seeing the four artists’ portraits of Mr. Thomas. Will you have any of his paintings at the show (and what does 818 stand for?)? I would love to see more of his work.

  2. yb, 818 is their area code 😉 I believe they are all from Burbank.

    I’m going to hang the watercolor that I own in the photo along with the portrait but the rest of the gallery will show 4-5 pieces of each of the 4.

  3. I see. Wow, all from the same area. Cool.

  4. I just came across your studio while searching for updates on this very special Carroll Thomas. I am sorry to hear about you having close the gallery…and the your husband’s job. I wish you well.

    But about my query regarding Carroll — who I know — are you the one who owns the painting he’s holding..and who are the other artists that painted him…did you all make a trip to visit/meet him? The paintings — all recent — are fantastic. I know Carroll has had some health issues recently. I live in Sacramento and have hopes to be there to celebrate the 99th which will be observed at the Gallery on April 25 — a few days ahead of the BIG EVENT.

  5. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you so much for the kinds words. Yes, The painting Carroll is holding was a purchase I made about 2 years ago. Since it’s been on display with the Artists renderings of him, I’ve had several people try to buy it though I’d never part with it. The other Artists are all from Los Angeles and they chose the photo from the Anuvue blog. None have every met him but liked the idea of paying tribute to him. I have only met him the one time myself. He’s a lovely man and when this show is over and I tear my gallery down, I will travel to see him and give him my photograph and the 4 artist’s tributes. I regret that I won’t make the 25th as my lease is up April 30th and it will take everything I’ve got in me to have the last show on the 18th and then remove it all after.

    Please say that a fan of his wishes him a very happy birthday if you do make it. That would make me very happy.

    My best wishes to you

  6. Micihael Geister Says:

    Carroll> Trevor just left my office and I thought of you. It’s been years and I am happy to see you are still painting. I can remember the landscapes of the China Camp area in Marin County. There is a Sleepers (car club) reunion is Santa Rosa this weekend. Looking forward to your 100th.

  7. Hi Heather, I’m a close friend of Carroll Thomas and Helen. I am in the
    process of writing his life story and it is quite fascinating. I have been interviewing him and recording all his stories and adventures since early spring. In addition I am working with a website developer to create a website – which will offer pertinent information on Carroll Thomas, his life, his background, his words of wisdom, his inspirations… The website should be up and running by the end of October or perhaps sooner. I would love to have some thoughts from you and any of the artists who participated in the selection of work by 4 artists including Shiela Cavalluzzi, Jamie Oliff, Karen Blackwood and Tak Ioka to include in his upcoming book. Carroll was so thrilled with their art, so it would be valuable and important to have your opinion about his place in the art world and/or your thoughts about him personally. Thank you so much, Cheryl

  8. Hi Cheryl,

    I replied by email. If you don’t get it for any reason, let me know here.

    😉 H

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