Gold Rush

Jamie is hosting what to me sounds like a “Gold Rush” Party in the classroom. I know art, not gold, but here’s what she’s up to…and if ANYONE brings teeth, oh…Please come show me 🙂

Hey Ladies,

I’m hosting a BUY YOUR OLD GOLD party. I work with a wholesale jeweler who is buying for cash on the spot. I sold her two thin gold chains, two chain bracelet’s and a pair of hoop earrings, all from the 70’s, for $145. She’ll evaluate your gold and white gold while you wait. I’m hosting this party in the room for my art class. Please come, if for no other reason than to see the Gallery….and me.

Saturday, March 14th: 5:00-8:30
Anuvue Gallery classroom (upstairs)
22311 Brookhurst, Huntington Beach
My cell: 714/ 319-4468

We’re in a strip mall at Brookhurst and Bushard. We’re upstairs from Massimo’s Pizza.Don’t pass Bushard! There’s no way to turn around until you’re on PCH.Forward this to all your friends that might be interested. A little extra cash in the pocket is a fun thing.Please let me know if you’re coming. She needs to estimate her cash.

See you then, Jamie Sugarman


2 Responses to “Gold Rush”

  1. I saw something about selling gold on Good Morning America or something. It fetches a pretty good price. Too bad I was always much more of a silver person than a gold.

  2. Me too yb. Most of my gold came from my Dad so I’ll be hangin on to that…but i will tart digging to see what I can come up with to join the party.

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