Too Much Color

Gallery unrelated consumer report 😉
Ok people…is it me? Or is it that we Americans are given too many choices? For instance…You go into a store to buy tea. I happen to drink green tea. In the good old days, I used to go to the store, find my tea, then get the heck out. Well now there’s about 35 different brands of green tea to search through. They really push the stuff now so everyone can be “healthy”. They put allot of “healthy additives” in it to make it taste yummy, screwing it all up until it’s no longer healthy. But…people pretend it still is and drink it with a good conscience. I ask you. Do we really need 35 choices of green tea? Wouldn’t you rather just see the nice pretty box, with Japanese information that you can’t understand, verifying it as the really good stuff. That’s the kind you can feel confident that you have the very tip of the tipsiest part of that dang green tea leaf…you know…just the point! NO. They got to offer bottles and bags and boxes and powders and stuff that looks like grass clippings that have dried up in a lawn mower bag. And don’t get me started on the “flavors”.

Forget tea for the moment and let me really throw you a curve. Jamie and I were wandering through Target on Saturday night trying to find some soap. Apparently I am now allergic to natural soap. I’m not exactly sure what’s left after that. Maybe I should just rub wet sand all over me. Didn’t some tribe do that to keep clean? Anyway, on one of the aisles we went down, I was suddenly rendered speechless. Now maybe some of you already know about this but I guarantee I didn’t. You know the good old product Listerine? I used to sit and watch my Dad swishing that stuff in his mouth until he couldn’t take the taste another second. Well, by God, he would be thrilled to know that stuff comes in every color of the rainbow now. I saw 3 different blues, 2 greens, a purple, a yellow, an orange and I think even pink! They were all lined up at attention, proud as fruit punch, all in the same bottle shape and size. I implore someone to tell me what the heck we need rainbow Listerine for? Are people now trying to match their hygienic products with their bathroom decor? Or is it better to offer more colors for the health of the psyche? Because if so, I’m still waiting for the 3 ply, unscented, peacock blue toilet paper 🙂


6 Responses to “Too Much Color”

  1. Hi , I read your post about the natural soap… I believe it’s either a nut oil or aloe vera in the soap which caused you a problem. I personally can not use any aloe Vera product- and I find LOTS of natural products contain either the juice, water, powder or gel from the aloe plant…all causing a sting to my skin.

    One more thought- as a soap maker, I know about half the soaps called natural are actually a melt and pour base- not made the old fashion cold process way…those melt and pours are not really natural- juts naturally made.

    And one last hope for you- try a different version of natural soap- or contact the one who made the bar which caused you a problem…there is always the chance the ph was off due to improper Lye content which would cause itch and or burn to your skin.

    When I first started making soaps- I read the recipe and thought the bars were perfect- little did I understand the difference in the various oils also changed out the lye content with each batch. Even an experienced soap maker can get a off or bad batch- but a good soap maker- will test each batch and never sell an improper batch!

    Hope some of this helps:-) Don’t give up on Natural Soaps- they are so very good for your skin! I would love to send you some samples of our natural soaps- no aloe vera, or nut oils in the actual natural soap bars- however, I do use hazelnut oil in my spa bars- great for firming skin. – check us out:-) Blessings, Laura

  2. Pwhahahaha! All this from a Target run.

  3. Ivory is the only real soap. It’s all Marketing. We are spoiled. In the Old West, they use to wash dishes with with sand. (at least they did on The Rifleman) Great writing! ….PS…hug…..(Jamie is funny)

  4. This brings to mind of my recent shopping trip where a nice gentleman was perplexed as to which lotion to buy for his very dry skin. He had, no kidding, at least 30 types to choose from. I heard his wife yelling from a few aisle down “OH, just pick one!” So, he asked me for my advice. I looked at a few and picked a couple that were formulated for severely dry skin. So, he pondered over two bottles for a moment and then asked which one he should choose. I looked at his choices and stated, “It all depends on what you want to smell like, chamomile tea or a bowl of oatmeal.” I heard a tremendous roar of laughter come out of him and he said “I think I’ll take both.”

  5. Hmmm….maybe this is why I no longer like to I was thinking it was my age! hee, hee
    I so agree…too many choices!

  6. Amazing. I wonder if all the colorful Listerines taste as bad as the plain ol’ gold-yellow original.

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