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Thankful for

Posted in Uncategorized on April 9, 2009 by anuvuestudio

I’ve received so many good wishes, kind words, strong hugs, prayers and blessings from you all that I’m starting to wonder what I ever did to be so blessed. It’s been 10 days since I made the call to my Landlord. He even called back to see if a reduction in my lease could help. It’s not enough to save me but how very kind to offer when I know he, himself, is suffering in health. For me, the first 2 days were very painful and I thank all of you for pulling me along and through it when I know darn well you have your own worries. Jamie, my dear Friend, was there every step. She was brave enough to tell the kids in her art class while I wailed like a baby on the porch. I just could not face them…wimp that I am. She said they took it like troopers. We have since decided we may be able to teach them at my home and all the parents seem to like the idea… so we may just see how it goes. Tonight, my neighbor actually rolled his barbeque up the stairs and cooked me a fresh halibut dinner! I had to laugh at the “Monkey Wine” he brought and I even had a tiny bit though I can’t drink at all. Monday, I was so surprised to get a call from Vicki Wolf, our recycled jewelry artist. She said ” I hear that Massimos has the best food in town” and I was dumbfounded to realize she was downstairs, in the restaurant below the gallery. (She lives in Arizona and I’d never met her in person). Such is the kindness I’ve been shown these days. Whatever you see out in the world, I can tell you that there are some really good people …and I plan to band together with them and ride this out. Whatever is happening around you, please stay positive, if you can. Take hugs when you can get them…and make sure to pass them out. There are many things to be thankful for and I, for one, am grateful to know people like you.