Still to come

There’s a slide show being made of our last show but Jim is off shooting motorcycle gangs and it waits in the can for him to complete. If it turns out as good as his normal stuff, it will be worth the wait. AND I will show both Yumi and Kweli’s work very soon but I didn’t developed the shots prior to unhooking and boxing up my Studio Mac. Forgive me Ladies, but it is coming! Mike and I are heading out to Big Pine, California to share cake and Ice cream with the oldest living Artist / Gallery owner in the States. Carroll Thomas will be 99 . We’re packing his portraits made by the wonderful folks from the 818 show. He will be so surprised. Can’t wait!

3 Responses to “Still to come”

  1. Have a great time in Big Pine. Look forward to the slide show and pictures.

  2. Enjoy your time! Take some great photos.

  3. Love this one! kinda partial to horses..

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