Dining Room Arts

As most of you know, Anuvue closed it’s doors last month and will remain so until the economy (or we) recover (which ever comes first). In the meantime, the Young Rembrandt Art Class remains intact, a gathering of all the young artists we can fit in my dining room.The kids are a delight to be around, what with those smiling faces, so very inspiring to both of us. I witnessed Jamie coming in tonight from a tough, frustrating day at work, to a totally revived woman by the end of the night. That’s the kinda stuff that makes me very happy, that and being able to watch, as she mentors these kids. I snuck out for treats…and she told me “nothing messy”. Of course Jamie being the professional Mom (and I the child), I came back with ice cream sandwiches and chocolate chunk, chewy cookies. Truthfully she and I dove in first! YUMMMMMH!

Presenting the Young Rembrandts…

This is all 8 of us. (I’m in the glass)BellaJmameemily&brushesIshikacodymarinarjJame2


3 Responses to “Dining Room Arts”

  1. Your photos are great! I love that last one of Jamie … under the bus … ice cream sammich in hand. I miss you both. Talk to you soon,


  2. The ice cream was only the topping to an uplifting and heart filling evening. It’s so much fun to be in heather’s home……. and it comes with a zoo. Have you ever seen her cat habitat? It’s very entertaining for the kids.

    Hiya Kweli! Miss you toooooooo! Jamie

  3. Are you certain you and the kids are not entertaining them? I wouldn’t take bets against the Mavis… 😉

    Hi Kweli!!! Come on over when you can and see Jamie’s mural!

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