Old Bridge


5 Responses to “Old Bridge”

  1. Awesome photos H. What location is this bridge?
    How’s your healing going?

  2. WOW! the girl is back!

  3. Hello Ladies,
    I walked under this bridge and through the grasses exploring a tiny town in Oregon. I can’t remember the town name but I do remember an excellent little restaurant (converted from an old house) sitting on the left side of the bridge. You could see the water out of what was once a living room window. The house had been rearranged to accommodate a few tables and a beautiful old hand carved bar with a giant mirror behind it. The menu was hand written out on a giant old blackboard. There were some really creepy portrait paintings that stared down at me while I chewed. I ask if they were for sale (I loved them that much) and the food was both spectacular and cheap!

    I am on the mend Cathy. Not 100% but I’ll get there!

    • Ah, a bridge in Oregon, hummmm…once again I get a pull towards Oregon.
      And, my love for B&W photography is reinforced with this photo, and The Sunbathers is awesome too. It looks like you were floating over them to snap the picture!
      I’m glad you’re back at work, it helps the days along. I sure do need a daily focus, as I’m winding down the drain hole, getting deeper every day. Glub Glub. Good thing I’m a fish.

  4. Cathy, I hope you start designing some new glass items. I still think some bracelets, maybe with a flat bead of glass, would be cool. And every year I have to order about 40 Christmas ornaments for clients “with the card”. We sold over 100 of those stars with the wire for Christmas last at 5.00 bucks a pop. I couldn’t keep them long enough in the gallery. An inexpensive, one of a kind gift, will totally be the ticket…and it will keep inspiring your creativity .

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