Last Class

Jamie held her last class tonight. She needs some R&R and I need help with the only H recognized holiday…the one that matters…Halloween. We had ice cream sundaes and I would just love to show you all the kids making and eating them…but…no cf card. Yes, rookie mistake. Good thing the shots are all in my head. I didn’t get all the kids captured tonight…but hey, I had melting ice cream to eat.

I want to thank Jamie for offering to teach the kids in my home… so closing the gallery wasn’t so hard on them…and me. It was my pleasure to watch. Thanks to RJ, Marina, Emily, Cody, Bella and Ishika for making me laugh with your endless smiles. Thanks for sharing all your creativity kids. Until next time…hey, in 2 weeks I’ll need all of you for Halloween…so don’t get lazy!



One Response to “Last Class”

  1. There’s nothing I can say that won’t bring me to tears. Thank you Heather for letting me live this dream.

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