Fair Game

I went to the OC Fair with my buddy Jim the other night. When we shoot together, we usually wander around at about 10 to 20 feet apart, creating different compositions. He tends to “lead” which means that many of my shots (being the one behind) will ultimately have his damn big head or an elbow in them. This might be a conspiracy on his part…which I must look in to. 😉 The general public tends to notice 2 photographers working “In force”. They’ll either stand and try to pose with some deranged smile or that 2 finger horn sign thing that Ozzy started a hundred years ago… or they’ll quickly turn and hide behind a big hat or a bigger body. I like to imagine those folks have escaped from somewhere and have decided to hide inconspicuously at the fair. Then there’s the people (especially the carnies) who actually shout at you to “come and get them”. They can really be both scary and funny simultaneously. (You have to see it). When night hit, we rode the ferris wheel and got some really nice overhead shots. Jim admitted to me (before we got on the ride) that he’s actually afraid of heights over 20 feet. He’s been to Bosnia… so finding a ferris wheel daunting… well that’s quite hilarious to me. I did have to shove 3 Dramamine down my throat just to get on the damn thing…so maybe I shouldn’t throw stones… at least not until I see how many elbows are in my shots…

The OC Fair
fairkids2fairbeargfairggfairkidfairbumperfaircare2faircandygfairbasketfairsmokefairhazepfairreaderfairstfairrwatchfairwheelfairst2fairridethe fairfairjim

2 Responses to “Fair Game”

  1. Another great set of shots. But three Dramamine for the Ferris Wheel?? You’ve it *really* bad. 8)

  2. yb, I’ve gotten sick driving my OWN car! HA!

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