Off to the Races

I’m not a betting gal but it was Micheal’s birthday and we thought it would be fun to hit the track. I made friends with several security guards while wandering around, trying to get an ok to use my camera from a Mr Gutierez. After all the twists and turns, they took a liking to me and offered a press pass without ever meeting the man with the “full pull”. Of course they could have thought we were tourists who traveled too far up Katella, missed Disneyland… and landed at the track innocently. Whatever the reason, that pass allowed us into everything from some fancy restaurant where they supplied jackets…all the way up to the press box. We had a field day roaming around.

I think the combination of the very big grin on my face (and looking like an older version of a Barbie doll among ruffians) caught the attention of a man named Louie. Louie was in charge of making sure the horses got from the warm up pens to the loading gates. After we chatted a while, he took us right onto the field and let me shoot the “take off”. Let me just say, you have to be darn fast. Those animals are quicker than I ever imagined…and so gracefully beautiful. A big thanks to Louie and to all the gamblers who tried to help me with the odds! I did lose 5 bucks on “Misery Love Me” but hey, they say ya gotta pay to play…;)


5 Responses to “Off to the Races”

  1. Happy Birthday you Ol’ Dog! Or is that Old Goat? 😉

  2. Another year? Seems like yesterday.

  3. That looks like so much fun. I’ve never been to the races. That makes me want to go.

  4. Co-el! I love the shots. Takes me back to my youth and spending many a day at the race tracks with my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We rarely went at night, though, so I also love seeing the horses under the bright lights. Makes ’em pop.

  5. yb, that’s what my hubby remembers too…fond memories of going with his Grandparents to the track

    Heck, I went with them one Christmas to Vegas! Holy Moses! They sat for hours at the nickle machines to win those caramel turtles!

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