Magically Delicious

Ok, I admit it. I am a charmaholic. I have been eating Lucky Charms since they came out in 1964. Granted, for the first 5 years, I only ate the magic marshmallows. For years my Father could never figure out why “his” cereal never seemed to have any “Charms”. Little did he know, after leaving for another hard day at work, the old oak table was covered in nasty toasted oats while busy hands sifted through… carefully gathering up all that magical goodness. In my teens, I finally succumbed to eating the oats. I found them tolerable…as long as the charms were there to sweeten the deal. As an adult, now I seek out the largest box on earth. Last month I was so excited to find a 1lb, 8oz (28oz) box on sale for 3 bucks. Tonight (OMG) 2lbs, 12 oz (44 oz) of goodness! I was so proud I shot a picture next to my teapot (the only thing in my kitchen that gets used beside a cereal bowl) so you could share in both my happiness and the sheer enormity of the box.

An advertising agency convinced General Mills in 62 to create a cereal for kids based on a charm bracelet and all these years later…the legend lives on. The original 64 charms were pink heart, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers. I can remember the jingle. The blue diamonds were added in 75, purple horseshoes in 84, red balloon in 89, rainbows in 92, pots of gold in 94, leprechaun hats in 96, shooting stars in 98 and the hourglass in 2008 while others were removed.
Oh and the Leprechaun mascot, Lucky (also known as Sir Charms and originally called L.C. Leprechaun) was born in 1963 and now has his buddy Emerald Elder.


4 Responses to “Magically Delicious”

  1. Nicole did that to, all the kids use to eat all the Koolaid before I could could make it. Bobbys’ cereal bowl was the one I mixed cake mix in. I always loved raisin bran (without the raisins) I have some memory of you getting all those marshmallows out too. You also use to make that frosting with butter and cocoa and just eat it. butter creme? I think that was it. No, it was butter and powdered sugar…yum…Someone out there must of been Koo koo for cocoa puffs.

  2. Koolaid in powdered form was like a pixie stick… I did that too!
    Yep, butter and powdered sugar. Its a wonder I’m still alive.

  3. I was koo koo for cocoa puffs AND cocoa krispies. You couldn’t get me to eat any of those fruit flavored cereals. Just give me chocolate!
    I used to make jello and drink it when it was warm, before you added the cold water and put it in the fridge to gel.

  4. Kathy, that’s the only way i would deal with Jello! eeww…
    although the green stuff might be useful for this year’s Halloween…

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