Angel Face

I saw this young girl the other day. She had the sweetest smile and the face of an angel. She was without tattoos, make-up or teenage attitude.
I don’t know about you but I think we should clone her. 😉


6 Responses to “Angel Face”

  1. Now there is a lovely young lady, with a beautiful smile.

  2. Is she an actress?
    If not, she should be.

  3. Anymore photos of her?

  4. No Sammy. She was a young girl (unknown to me) at the local county fair, but I agree, she could be an actress. She has lovely eyes and a great smile. Very photogentic and that’s what caught my eye.

  5. She is very pretty – gorgeous smile. You should find her & put together a photography portfolio. Was that the Orange County Fair you were at?

  6. Hi Nikki, Yes, the smile is what caught my attention. So many teens have that scowl and she was so very innocent and charming… a gem. It was the OC Fair.

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