The Civil War comes to town

Each year during Labor day weekend, my city hosts an annual Civil War Re-enactment in the beautiful 365+ acre Central Park. These folks look (and sound) so real… you literally look over your shoulder to make sure there are still people dressed like you. This year was no exception with magnificent costumes, smoky cannons and pointy bayonets galore. This Yankee slathered on SP 100, wished President Lincoln a happy 200th birthday and proceeded to stalk the troops…

4 Responses to “The Civil War comes to town”

  1. How very cool! I would have liked to have seen it.

  2. Fun photographs! I haven’t seen a Civil War Re-Enactment since I visited Gettysburg Battle Field in the 1960’s. Since I grew up in the South, then moved to Pennsylvania when I was about 12, the Civil War has always captivated me. You took some great portraits that day. I love the period clothing.

  3. QM, you and I are a pair. I made my husband drive the entire guided battle tour at Gettysburgs off the cd you buy at the visitors center.

    I almost went to this dressed as my hero Mr Lincoln…but it was so hot…and 2 of us would have been confusing to the kids 😉

  4. lol, that would have been something to see. You would have made a good Lincoln, too. It was hot when I visited Gettysburg, too. And I was pretty young. It had a big impact on me. I think everyone should visit Civil War sites, North and South. The history teaches so much about our country. Then and now. Everything is connected.

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