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Chiura Obata’s wisdom

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There is a new Ken Burns documentary coming out at the end of the month about our National Parks and the people who were instrumental in saving them for generations to come… I was very lucky to have a sneak preview.

Chira Obata was one of these rare and gifted people and this particular remark (or a portion from it) hit home with me. He was speaking about Yosemite National Park.

… the coyotes howl in the distance, in the mid sky the moon is arcing, all the trees are standing here and there, and it is very quiet. You can learn from the teachings within this quietness. …Some people teach by speeches, some by talking, but I think it is important that you are taught by silence.” I, too, think you can learn a lot from silence…

Chiura Obata

Finding Beauty

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Leaving a freeway on-ramp, I noticed splashes of color to my right and snapped this shot very quickly. I know not all of you will see what I do here, but what I see, well it makes me smile. I think this “Art” may be better than some of the more modern things I’ve seen (and heard) called “Art”. I love finding beauty in the strangest places. I’m also left wondering how many others have or will take notice. 😉