Chiura Obata’s wisdom

There is a new Ken Burns documentary coming out at the end of the month about our National Parks and the people who were instrumental in saving them for generations to come… I was very lucky to have a sneak preview.

Chira Obata was one of these rare and gifted people and this particular remark (or a portion from it) hit home with me. He was speaking about Yosemite National Park.

… the coyotes howl in the distance, in the mid sky the moon is arcing, all the trees are standing here and there, and it is very quiet. You can learn from the teachings within this quietness. …Some people teach by speeches, some by talking, but I think it is important that you are taught by silence.” I, too, think you can learn a lot from silence…

Chiura Obata


One Response to “Chiura Obata’s wisdom”

  1. Wonderful series I’m watching right now. I just watched the part where Chiura Obata was talking from the perspective of the giant sequoia, “Hear me you poor man. I’ve stood here for 3 thousand and seven hundred years in rain, snow, storm and even mountain fire. Still keeping my thankful attitudes with nature. Do not cry. Do not spend your time and energy worrying ….”

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