Halloween Update

It is October 6th as I write this and the Halloween Team is well on their way to making another event come alive. This year has been extremely challenging (with funds at an all time low) but where there’s a will, there’s always a way…One must really use all the free resources available, be able to whine and beg convincingly and be ready with an extra creative noggin. I’m applying mine as best as I can and have a clear vision of what it will look like. Normally I have a schematic drawing of the set and the Brothers Grim build to that. This year it’s all in my head so the directing is crucial. I probably should have been shooting as the walls went up but I was very busy yelling so things all get done properly. I promise photos very soon. Saturday, the volunteer children slaves will be here to help. Excellent! I will put them to work at paper mache’ rocks, painting tubes and knobs with blacklight paint…and hey, maybe one of them can make me a sandwich at lunchtime!

You know, one thing I’ve learned this year…never buy any candy too soon before THE DAY, even if it’s on sale for a really great price…because dollars to donuts… you’ll eat it! 😉

2 Responses to “Halloween Update”

  1. seriously Mike & Heather …. this is incredible!!! I am so bummed I am not going to be there again this year =( It is honestly like my favorite part of Halloween – no joke. I keep getting the update from home about how cool it looks across the street and now I have a website to creep on…. this is too much. I was just wondering when is this traveling to rhode island? I will make myself free whenever it gets here. HAHA
    hope you have a happy halloween and everything goes as planned!

  2. Karafaye,

    It’s lovely to hear from you and we’re sorry that your not here to see it too. Folks, Karafaye has grown up seeing these thing every year and now lives on the East Coast for School.
    I wish all the East Coasters that are viewing along could visit. i know a young man in NY that would have a grand time…and 2 women in Minnesota…just to name a few 😉

    Happy Haunting to all of you…

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