2 Nights before Preview

It’s about 11:30pm and yes, I do work for a living in the early hours of the morning… BUT, I have 2 more nights to get the lighting straight and march those aliens inside their ship. They’ve taken a liking to my livingroom and are currently staring out all the windows at my neighbors…like they don’t think I’m odd enough! Candy is bought…check…beer, soda…new brain for Heather…check… House looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in 15 years…check! Here’s the state of the union…

Poster is built…check!
Halloween flyer1

Entrance is lit and working…check!

Command central is ready (almost) to roll…even if I have to drive it myself…check!

Shelves are bubbling…check!

“Some” aliens have decided to get to work and are ready…I can always count on Fred and Ethel…check!

I have to say, despite the fact that everything you see was handmade from stuff about to be trashed (I guess I’m going green)…dug outta my attic to recycle or innocently sitting in a hardware store to be used as one thing…and made into an entirely “other thing”…I’m gettin’ happy…


8 Responses to “2 Nights before Preview”

  1. Fabulous!!

  2. […] folks, check out Heather from Anuvue’s Alien Invasion – The Queen of Halloween has just been promoted to Halloween Leader of the Free World and […]

  3. OH, Heather, this is serious. I have just announced that you were promoted from Queen of Halloween to Halloween Leader of the Free World and Dictator for Life. You rock, woman!

  4. My gosh, you and QM will have to write my acceptance speech!
    But seriously yb, you have to see it with the big aliens in it! Quite alarming…in a very good way 😉

  5. Heather, this rocks! I’m just back from visiting the South and PA and trying to catch up this morning. Liz is checking out your site as I speak. “Wow, that’s the coolest!” She said she wants to come to Huntington Beach. I hope we all make it down that way for Halloween someday!

  6. Bob Chrisman Says:

    Heather, I want to come to Halloween next year in Huntington Beach. Do you need live aliens to pose for pictures. I’d gladly become a live alien just to be included in this spectacle.

    All hail, Halloween Leader of the Free World and Dictator for Life.

  7. Ahh shucks Bob…thank you! I could have had them pick you up on the way to HB!

    and whenever you want to come out, please, please do. I’ll put you to work. You can slap the “touchers”, yell “2 candies only”, be the Halloween mobile driver… or simply drink and be merry!

    😉 H

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