Daylight and it’s hidden secrets

I had a chance, before preview, to take a few shots so the folks who can’t come…can see what makes up this years Halloween theme. This is esecially for Yumiko, an Artist from Anuvue Studio & Gallery, who had brain surgery and is at home recovering. High five and big hug Yumi!
This was a very “Green Friendly” year in that most everything is being recycled in some form. What the kids and adults see at night is created with blacklight paint, extremely minute details that they may never noticed,and a bit of mystery. Here’s a sneak peek in the daylight.

The entrance was made from recycled plywood, donated by our friend Gary, used previously for cement work. It was painted from the “not the right color” section of our local hardware store. I thought it was strange, every time I showed up, they had another can of practically the same color…I swear I have Halloween angels at work πŸ˜‰

This is the view as you enter.

I simply could not resist these clear tubes… You are looking at command central, where the ship is controlled…and every kid in the neighborhood wants to fly. All the neato controls were gifted by my neighbor Greg who works for KOCE. The channel was clearing out allot of outdated gadgets…just in time for a spacecraft. The edging on the desk is actually the stuff they put along lawns… sprayed silver. I think it looks like metal and is very spacey. πŸ˜‰

Do not touch signs are an absolute must bring the “touching” down to only “minimal madness”.

What a ship without a lab of bubbling jars with strange things. These aliens are cloning humans…with aliens. I love the doll heads so much, they are going in my house when this is over. They fit perfectly into the washing machine overflow tray I found πŸ˜‰

Fred and Ethel diligently in their tubes…along with a new 2 headed offspring. All the dials are old hairspray, paint and misc. lids with dial stickers. Anything white glares in the blacklight so they look quite real. All the tubes are cardboard that’s been mitered and heck, there’s even some cookie trays and mac computer box inserts painted silver up there.

Tonight, after second preview night, I’ll take some shots so you can see the transformation at night. We had about 100 guests on Thursday night. One boy was so cute in his hotdog costume. I love bringing the kids in to see the candy and watch their frustration of how to pick just one. With all the do not touch signs, one little boy kept whining “Dad, I can’t touch anything…DADDDDDD, I can’t touch anything…finally I let him touch some of the keyboards on the center table with the baby heads. The next thing I know there are 5 little boys jumping up and down, all trying to all touch the keyboard, all shouting “I want to touch it” !
I asked my friend Jamie to be the “don’t touch” person in the room. She raised 2 kids and her costume has a sword…;)

4 Responses to “Daylight and it’s hidden secrets”

  1. I tell you, I am blown away. This is better than a movie set. How do you do it? It’s not like anything a normal person could do (and I mean that in a good way!).

  2. p.s., stomach muscles??? LOL until my stomach muscles hurt!

  3. God forbid me to ever be normal…how dull that would be…

    yb, I don’t know how it happens, but you’re a creative person, so you know things just pop into your head. I think you may remember, I’m a printer by trade. One day in June a guy in the pressroom walked by with a long, thin, cardboard tube. I asked him if there were more…. and a spaceship popped into my head.

    My friend Jerry (who runs the pressroom) started having all the pressman save every tube they had from that moment on. Fred and Ethel and the 2 headed baby are also in large cardboard tubes from the pressroom with the front cut off. Next, I put up a big sign for everyone to save their caps. I had a giant box and they’d drop them in. Tonight allot of co-workers finally got to see that their caps became the dials. I loved the fact that so many people participated in some small way. I think they did too.

    We had about 200 guests tonight…allot of “touching” children…so I need to cement more stuff down. At one point there were so many kids in the garage I had to yell “who wants candy?” to get them out. Everyone with the tiniest bit of white was fascinated by the glow in the blacklight. I lead a small army to a candy bucket and went off to the next group.

    I’ll tell you yb, if I could be anything at all, I would love to be Alfred Hitchcock’s set dresser. I would do it for free. Maybe in another life… when both he and I are on the planet at the same time πŸ˜‰

  4. It’s all incredible, Heather, I want to touch it all too! Yes all you good people out there, I have an amazing little Sister! Happy Halloween to you, Heather, love, Cindy

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