The Seniors Visit

Today it was my utmost privilege to have a group of Seniors from Silverado Memory Care come to view the Halloween display, share some cookies, coffee and conversation. I think they enjoyed my pottery collection and unusual home as much as any aliens. Such a wonderful group of folks to share a day with.


4 Responses to “The Seniors Visit”

  1. Heather, you are an astounding woman, I am speechless. What a wonderful thing you did. I am so proud of you! Love and Happy Halloween, Cindy

  2. What a Gal!! I think when the Good Lord was handing out hearts He saved one of the biggest ones for you. Move over Mother Theresa you have a twin!

  3. Bless your heart. Your home looks so inviting. Any alien, elderly person, ME would want to stay there forever.

  4. That was the sweetest kindest thing! your wonderful Professor Klinket

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