The Halloween Portraits are in!!!

You simply must check out the Halloween portraits Jim McGill from took on Halloween night. Find your mug here to order your prints!

These are some of my faves…Especially the little candy corn’s smile:)



5 Responses to “The Halloween Portraits are in!!!”

  1. Јер и паника и збуњеност носиш тако добро кад је у питању и друге језике, јер ја те волим …

  2. Oh how funny. I love the one with Freddy Kruger (is that the slasher’s name?) with his knife against the alien’s neck, and the alien’s looking like, YIKES, get me out of here! Perfect.

    BTW, tell Jim that I think that was very rude, whatever he said. 8)

  3. Волим те назад Дорк 😉

  4. The one of your front yard is my computer wall paper now, again, proud to be related to you..C

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