Christmas Cookie Kookie

Jame and I set out to make enough cookies to embarrass any local bakery on Saturday. A large portion of these will be inhaled at my place of work on Monday (once they realize I had adult supervision). On top of each package, I placed a label (photo#1) showing both of us. I felt the need to prove their was one actual cook present so they know they won’t be poisoned…as my culinary skills are legendary. (Shut up Kolar) We started out at noon Saturday and finished up at 11:36 pm. My dogs were killing me but she was a trouper and Lor (Jame’s hub) figured we made at least 700 cookies…and I was sure it was 700,000…

4 Responses to “Christmas Cookie Kookie”

  1. OK, girlfriend. Now that you’ve become the Czar/Dictator/World Leader of Halloween, you are fixin’ to capture the title of COOKIE GODZILLA?!

    Hey, I actually stopped by to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. I was just updating last year’s post about my husband’s Solstice Birthday, and I was reminded that you shared a birthday with my sister. Sorry I missed it. Hope it was a good one!

  2. yes, I typically set my goals a little higher than the limbo pole but I can safely say it will be least a year before I will be able to look at another bag of flour without screaming…

    and thank you yb. Please wish your obviously highly intelligent, glamorous and witty Sister a HAPPY belated Birthday from me. I hear we also share the day with Taylor Swift. I think it only fair she share her wealth with us…

  3. Whaaaat!?!? You think I’m going to spill the beans about the time you burnt the pot boiling water?

  4. Say, what’s that your holding up there ..a bottle of vanilla? beautiful, beautiful cookies!

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