The Fish Market


5 Responses to “The Fish Market”

  1. The ol Tea Bag Says:

    alot of smoke and steam coming off that grill…I thought it was the seventy’s again for a minute. neato.

  2. Reminds me of Vietnam. Where is it?

  3. yb, it’s in Long Beach County (which I think you have Family) in the town of Port’s o’ Call. The Fish Market and Restaurant has been there for years, owned and passed down by the same Greek Family. It does have the feel of another place other than So. Cal. The day my husband and I were there, we heard every language but English.There were large Families eating at long picnic tables with platters of fish…all deliriously happy consuming…making me very hungry!!! I love seafood and the shrimp the Ladies were tossing… along with grilled onions and veggies…OMG. But it was SO crowded and the line was SO long on Saturday, I figure we’ll go back on a weeknight. I saw that the Mayor of Los Angeles office buildings are across the street. Heck, a great perk for a Mayor to have this great place to order from! They probably walk it over!

  4. Yep, I still have a cousin there. My uncle and aunt retired back to Albuquerque area, their son followed them, and the other cuz is now in Sacramento mountain area.

    Sounds like a cool place. Yum. The food must be delicious and probably nicely priced.

  5. missyogini Says:

    We have a Long Beach in MS 🙂 Obviously not in it’s glory since Katrina but it has come a long way since. Beautiful!

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