The Diner Dream


6 Responses to “The Diner Dream”

  1. Nice shot. Chino?

  2. The ol Tea Bag Says:

    Brilliant idea.

  3. Love this one, too. You should do a whole market and diner series. The colors are fabulous, and the sense of motion that all diners have.

  4. Hi Jeff, This is that old diner on the way to Vegas (off the 15) called Peggy Sue’s. I have seen the signs for years and finally had to stop. Quite a place.

    Thank you Tea Bag 😉

    yb, I love diners because i can’t resist the thought that I might find the best biscuit ever. I keep trying 😉 I almost did a diner series on the cross country road trip to Nova Scotia. Most diners welcome even my largest lens.

  5. anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant can tell you –it feels like one big blur 🙂

  6. Ha! Good one Nic!

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