Rain, Sleet, Snow or Sitting Bones

I have many people commenting on my lack of posting lately. Yes, I’m alive and fairly well. I’ve had some recent therapy (no, not my mind) that will soon allow me to sit without pain shooting down my leg…and happily so. I have something wrong in the vicinity of well…the top of the buttock if you will. They believe I got it from too much sitting on my very hard (but very stylish) chairs. Apparently I sit allot and my posterior has begun a protest…loudly.  The Doc tells me that a posterior has no sense of design what-so-ever. Well Humph! I currently have a pelvis so twisted that it makes one leg shorter than the other. I have half a mind to try that theory of walking hills… Anyway, several children have been knocking at my door…alarmed that they have yet to see any building or hear any yelling…in anticipation for the big day. Rest assure…I am here to make it clear, if I have to crawl outside to conduct others…Halloween WILL go on.  And…I have proof. This year is “Freaky Fashion Show”.  The models are currently lined up in my livingroom, just giddy with anticipation of their individual costumes. I haven’t seen any “cat fights” yet, but it’s early in the game, so I’m hopeful. Meet “The Girls”…


5 Responses to “Rain, Sleet, Snow or Sitting Bones”

  1. Well, look at that! Skeletons in your closet. I mean, living room. I’m loving the first outfit I see. Those little extra skeletal arms add a nice touch. Imagine if you’re slow dancing with her. She’ll be copping a few feels. 8)

    I sure hope your back heals soon. Sounds like sciatica. I sit too much, and i get terrible bouts of sciatica. Today I did my first spin class, and now I am spent. But I hope it helps my back. I really do need to get out and about more, but I’m such a mental person that I can spend hours in the computer or sitting and talking with someone. I guess in some circles, they call that a couch potato.

    Hope this Halloween season spooks the pain right out of you. But do take care. Will check back in the see your progress.

  2. I was just going to email you, wondering if your Halloween extravaganza was in full swing. So, I popped onto your site and voila, my question has been answered. Keep the pics coming.
    Welcome to the short leg club. I went to a chiro once and he said ‘Did you know your left leg is shorter than your right?’ I said yes, drove my mother crazy when she was hemming my pants. I have to thank my Daddy-o, I inherited it from him. He said he almost didn’t make it into the army because of his shorter leg.
    Regarding the pain in your a$$, no, I am not talking about Micheal, 😉 my friend had been complaining of butt/leg pain and thought it was her sciatica. She said she was told it was something else, but I forgot what it was. I will have to ask to see what her diagnosis was.

  3. Hey, If you need any more dresses I still have that dress I wore when I danced with Sqiggy(?) and he was doing the worm. If you want it, it’s yours. Joseph will never wear it (I hope). Let me know and I’ll send it asap.

  4. Won’t work. They aren’t thin enough to pass as real models.

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