Preview Night

This was the first preview night for “Frightening Fashion Show”. I think there were as many adults (possibly more) than children. I took pics with my iphone when I wasn’t giving my annual speech about “what’s inside my head”. Most people want to know…Ha! I usually just tell people that I’m the love child of Erma Bombeck and Alfred Hitchcock. Gosh I love my camera heads…


7 Responses to “Preview Night”

  1. you may just be the next coco chanel 🙂 ! love the haute couture!

  2. Well, I just checked out all the pre-preview night posts. I LOVE that you posted so many preparation posts, because what always boggles my mind is how you do this. It is so amazing and so professional, every time, and I can’t even imagine how someone can pull it off. So to see the cameraheads, for example, starting as cardboard boxes, then the aluminum trays and the oatmeal canisters, well, it’s just remarkable. And the flaming skull. Wow. I am always so impressed, each time even moreso. You are amazing!

  3. I’m requesting that you have a web cam for next year!!!

  4. yb and Nic, thank you so much for the wonderful comments. Halloween has become a true labor of love as Micheal and I age. We started this adventure in our late 30’s (15 years ago) and hopefully we can continue to make the eyes of children and adults pop out for many more to come.
    😉 H

  5. Fabulous Dahhhling, absolutely Fabulous.

  6. Yeah! After I retire, I’m gonna drive down there every year and finally get to see these incredible Halloween shows! H, I showed the ones you sent me on my phone , to my mechanic buddys..they couldn’t belive it..I was so proud! They remembered when you were on the news..

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