Costume Favorite ;)

There were many fabulously interesting costumes and I love the details put into them and last night was no exception. And every year, there’s one or two kids that catch my attention in a big way, making it hard to forget them. It may be their expression (candy corn girl of last year) or some wacky costume. I wasn’t even sure the poor kid would fit into the photo tent but I’m sure glad he and his buddy did. This year my 10 fingers up award goes to the Turd Man and Ace Plumbing…HA!

Photos generously provided by Jim McGill of


4 Responses to “Costume Favorite ;)”

  1. It was Great! Great! Great! This was really worthy of an award! Hail to the Halloween Gueen!!!

  2. I mean Queen, a thousand pardens my Lady.

  3. omg! I don’t even know what to say to that.

  4. This is a costume that my daughter, who this year was Lady Caca and last year a Porta-Potty, will love! Amazing!

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