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I don’t watch awards shows anymore because, in the past, I was always disappointed with those chosen.  I could revert back to the year Herbie Hancock beat out some of the most illustrious names in the music halls of fame with a tune called “Rocket’ but it would just stir me up again…

Tonight I heard (but didn’t see) that one of my two most beloved actors won the oscar for best actor. Prior to tonight, the wonderful, beautiful and funny Emma Thompson won hers years ago for Howard’s End (Actress) and Sense and Sensibility (screenplay). She made two of the best acceptance speeches I’ve ever heard (one made while her personal life was in shreds).

Tonight my boy Colin earned his big golden guy and I just could not let it go un-noticed. I first saw Colin Firth in a small budget movie made in 1989. Valmont was a period piece (my favorite type) and I loved his portrayal of the tormented, dashing character. He stars with a very young Annette Bening and Meg Tilly and it’s still a favorite. That movie caused me to search everything he’d done prior and to follow (like a hawk) anything he’s graced thereafter. I have sat through the full 6 hours of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice at least 50 times, own the book about the making of it …and I traveled all over England to stand where Mr Darcy did. The poor elderly lady  that actually owned the Bennet’s house thought this yank was crazy when I found her home by “driving around an area that looked familiar in England”. Honest to God! She walked me all around her garden and told me how lovely Mr Firth had been to her.

Years ago, when “Love Actually” came out I thought “Great!, They’re finally on the screen together!” …But that turned out to be a bunch of mini stories and they barely graced each other’s presents. Finally, when Emma wrote the screenplay for the first Nanny McPhee (a children’s movie) I almost had a coronary when I found out they would both be in it together…even if she was not the love interest…and she would be sporting a wart! They were very charming together none the less…wart and all.

Anyway, enough ramblings. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and PIP PIP. Two Brits with 3 Oscars. They finally got it right! Almost makes up for ol Herbie in 1984… Almost.  😉

Happy Valentines Day

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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Green with Blue

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