Stella takes a ride.

I have kids of all ages in my neighborhood…And there are dogs of all assortments that go with them. But Stella…now Stella has a mind of her own…and the kids must come along with her. I happened to be drinking a glass of chocolate soy milk, at my kitchen window, when Stella (with her companion Sophia)…went gliding up the street. Stella sits very stoic at the front of the skateboard while Sophia kicks out one leg for speed and then hunkers down…both knees on the board. Stella never looks worried, always facing front as lookout, completely comfortable with her ride. I had to run outside to get them as they went by…Meet the kids and the incomparable Stella…


5 Responses to “Stella takes a ride.”

  1. OMG!! How adorable they all are! I think Ziggy would be making googlie eyes at Stella.

  2. Love the shot on the board.

  3. This SO makes me smile. I can hear you now. Love it.

  4. I wish you lived in my neighborhood to take pictures of my daughters and our pug Sony! Delightful!!

  5. Tammy Sue Says:

    Could they be anymore adorable? I don’t think so!

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