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To those who serve

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The West Coast turned out in record numbers for Fleet Week in Long Beach, California. I was lucky enough to meet many Men and Women who serve our country selflessly on the USS Abraham Lincoln. I was struck by how very young they were and how eager they seemed to please their guests. When August 6th came and 22 Navy Seals lost their lives, I felt a deep sadness, knowing they were some of the best and brightest this Country has to offer. I hate War but understand the reasons for it. I pray the people in charge find a way to end it with the least loss of American lives. I’ve had this song in my head ever since I heard the news. It’s by a great band I admire called the Decemberists and I hope they don’t mind me borrowing it. It inspired me to make this video to say “thank you for all you do and all you’ve done” in my own meager way.
I must give credit (and thanks) to the many websites out there devoted to the Military and their Families. Without the addition of their photos, this video would not be possible.

Timing is Everything

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I’m not a connoisseur of Country music, but when I listen, I want it to be “old soul” and not some “pop” country that I don’t recognize as country. I love Cash (who doesn’t) and the old guys my Father listened to. I heard this the other day in a movie (I thought I would never see) called Country Strong. It was an instant hit to the gut (which is a good thing to me when it comes to music). I believe Trace Atkins does it as well…but this version…well it’s just beautiful and I think so many people (like myself) can relate to it.

Where are you when we need you?

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America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
Abraham Lincoln