Begining the Holiday

I do realize I’m running a bit late on my Halloween posting…but my goodness ghost grief, I’ve been busy. This year has to do with Pirates matey. About 7 years ago, I created a different Pirate theme so I have several pieces I will be re-using…thus allowing me to begin a bit late. The first pics here show the black wall being set up inside the garage for the Pirate mural to be attached and enhance the theme. My workplace graciously donated it to the cause, knowing they’d never have a moments peace until it was placed into my hands. It was created in 3 sections and I will admit to allot of communal yelling while I got the crossovers absolutely spot on. The ship was quite a challenge. Yes, yes, those buckets on the right are all full of Halloween props. One can never have enough skulls, appendages, costumes, wigs and lights that spin, whirl or howl. The balance is up in the attic and just to find and organize the items (that I may / may not use) takes weeks of researching. It dawns on me I may be the only woman not sitting in jail with buckets labeled severed feet, hands and bloody heads. Did I mention the life size props in the backyard? Another time. The mural extends 14 feet across the back of the garage with a 8 foot 6 inch height. There will be a dock extending from the mural to add the dimension. Beyond that, certain “dock” type props are being built from bits and pieces I’ve been collecting since summer. There will be crates and barrels and chests and treasure. All will add to the illusion to make the viewer feel like they’ve gone back in time.

3 Responses to “Begining the Holiday”

  1. Joe is amazed at the boxes of ‘stuff’. We anticipate the pictures as the scene emerges.

  2. Amazing. Every year is just amazing. Can’t wait to come see it.

  3. Marge Vance Says:

    Hey there “Queen of Halloween”

    This is sooooo Koo! It’s really good to know, that Halloween still lives on!

    SOOOO much more fun then all the other srtuff going on in this world.

    Thanks Heather, for sharring.

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