This is the time of year when people at work parade all sorts of trash by me. It’s almost a dare at this point to see just exactly what I’ll make out of say…a left over center ring when the tape roll is out. Some are frankly frightened to throw anything out because I tend to linger over the dumpster by shipping. They think I’ll fall in someday. One year I collected tubes (see the alien ship year, maybe 2010?). Now no one will pass me without offering up a tube. I’ve never made a robot so I just started collecting anything. Boxes mostly, but then Mike came home with a box of big cups from work…and my brain took off again.


Again, silver!!!! Though George isn’t done yet, you get the idea where he’s going. Mike keeps stopping me from spraying in the wind. You know HB, always windy. I have to sneak outside and try to cover him without painting our house, car (or the neighbors). He’ll get covered eventually.


That’s my frozen dumpling tray on his…um…groin and wait until you see the deviled egg tray that covers his light up holes!


The cups worked well for arms and I added all that edging out of something I found in a garage drawer. Hopefully it wasn’t necessary…


George is embarrassed because his back-end is not covered yet.  His head is my Hoag bucket from surgery. Nice touch huh.


I’m working on Henry while the wind blows. I have to be careful about placement after an incident last year. A light in my graveyard had slipped, accidentally lighting a stone cherub’s “pee pee”.  I heard a conversation from the kitchen window:  a small child asking his Mother why the “pee pee” was lit up. In my total confusion I haven’t move that fast since High School track. I saw and quickly rectified the offensive pee pee and all was good in Halloween Land.


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  1. if I could find a boyfriend who lit up…it might be worth another try…na

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