The Grey Men.

I wanted to make some astronaut-looking guys…(my own version). I went to the depot looking for some type of bucket for the head piece. I always get totally absorbed in Halloween while walking the isles. Those poor people are forever trying to help me, a lone woman in the plumbing or bolt section. While trying on buckets in the main aisle, I gathered several onlookers who are not aware of my eccentricities.  They seemed to be fascinated by the large orange one’s so I decide that had to be the right bucket!  As you can see, I’m not allowed to use some of the tools (after the ladder incident) so Mike did the cutouts. He did a fine job in between the second and third quarters.


And the depot made it easy because their advertisement has a perfect square for a template!


Still a work in progress and even I don’t know what they’ll look like. Those dear Grey Men have been everything from Vegas Show Girls to Scary Circus audience members. They are always good sports and they never argue with me….



One Response to “The Grey Men.”

  1. I always knew aliens had two butts

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