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Surf City News for Oct 31

Posted in Uncategorized on November 1, 2013 by anuvuestudio

A very nice lady (Marcie) from Surf City News came out and did this feature on our Halloween Scene. I’m the odd one in the middle 😉

I eluded to this being the final “Biggie” as I am covered in bruises and almost lost an eye this year. That tetanus shot wasn’t great either… but the look on the Doctors face was priceless.

I would not have traded these last 18 years for anything. We’ve tried our best to spread magic to all the wonderful trick-or-treators and hopefully made an impression on one of them to carry on the torch (or crown). I will always favor Halloween over any holiday. I will always celebrate with some madness that evolves from my head. But I’ll do it in a style that’s safe to my body parts. I may try to trick or treat next year. Hey, and maybe by golf cart!

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Surf City News for Oct 31