Surf City News for Oct 31

A very nice lady (Marcie) from Surf City News came out and did this feature on our Halloween Scene. I’m the odd one in the middle 😉

I eluded to this being the final “Biggie” as I am covered in bruises and almost lost an eye this year. That tetanus shot wasn’t great either… but the look on the Doctors face was priceless.

I would not have traded these last 18 years for anything. We’ve tried our best to spread magic to all the wonderful trick-or-treators and hopefully made an impression on one of them to carry on the torch (or crown). I will always favor Halloween over any holiday. I will always celebrate with some madness that evolves from my head. But I’ll do it in a style that’s safe to my body parts. I may try to trick or treat next year. Hey, and maybe by golf cart!

click the link

Surf City News for Oct 31


2 Responses to “Surf City News for Oct 31”

  1. Heather, you have brought joy and amazement to so many people.
    Halloween has never been more fun. Everyone will always remember how wonderful your Halloweens were. You will always be the Queen of Halloween. Your the best! I love you sissy!

  2. Thank you Sis. I love you more 😉

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